Humanitarian Affairs Asia is now recruiting 8 talented youths to join our team and to manage a world-class international event for 700 NGOs across the globe.

Humanitarian Affairs Internship Programme offers a learning opportunity to students who are currently pursuing degrees at graduate or undergraduate levels to enhance their resume while working for a cause. Students from diverse disciplines can become a part of this Global Internship Programme as an Events Associates.

The organisation is on the lookout for individuals who have the right learning attitude, strong communication skills, the ability to work well under pressure, and those who are open to experiencing diverse work cultures.
Responsibilities of a Global Event Associate
  1. Researching markets and recruiting delegates for events

  2. Liaising with marketing and PR partners to promote events

  3. Collating and maintaining databases of stakeholders

  4. Sourcing and securing sponsorship

  5. Developing marketing plans and strategies
This internship program will focus on skills relevant to the global market, equipping you for success as a global citizen. The internship will provide you with an opportunity to overcome your fears by arming you with the skills and tools to succeed in the competitive global market.

With an emphasis on event planning, recruitment, event management and humanitarian work, you will assist in organizing and running a world class international event. Outstanding interns will be recognised at an Award Ceremony attended by the media, politicians, head of NGOs, etc.

This is more than an internship – it’s a unique opportunity to be part of something bigger. Stand out from your peers
- join us in Thailand !

To apply, kindly download the application form.