Mentorship Programme
The main purpose of a mentor is to help individuals determine and achieve their distinct goals. Humanitarian Affairs, similarly, takes on the role of a mentor for those who strive to be social entrepreneurs or establish their own NGO’s or seek guidance in excelling in a field of their choice, be it event management or relief work.

The organisation will help shorten your learning curve by providing training in specific job skills and preventing probable errors by sharing best practices. Simultaneously, you will find a boost in your career development through constant and constructive feedback and encouragement.
We will offer You
  • Expertise training for an 11 month mentorship
  • Guidance in your journey from the beginning to the execution of your project
  • Instruction on how to be a sustainable and independent enterprise
  • A scholarship that pays for course fees and accommodation for the selected individuals
Setting up an NGO

Do you dream of doing something for the globally deprived but are unsure on how to get started?

Humanitarian Affairs seeks to nurture the next generation’s leaders to become world-class citizens with a global vision and understanding of the needs of individuals and societies throughout the world. The organisation will provide chances for you to encounter different cultures and experience on how to provide aid to the poor and disadvantaged in other nations facilitating both intellectual and emotional development.

You will benefit from invaluable advice and knowledge shared by experts and veterans from the humanitarian field who will provide a real insight on how to be involved in philanthropic work 24/7: a field that requires dedication, commitment and giving from the heart.

If you want to be an agent of change for the underprivileged and are currently wondering how you can begin, take the leap and register your interest with us today.
Becoming a Social Entrepreneur

Do you envision yourself as an upcoming social entrepreneur? Are you inspired to take your organisation to greater heights?

Humanitarian Affairs will provide mentorship to such dynamic game changers on how to set-up a successful social enterprise in today’s fast-paced, competitive, and demanding world.

The program consists of hands-on training that meets your requirements and the means of finding the lowest-cost, highest-quality solutions for your organisation’s needs. By offering collective knowledge capital on factors like recruitment, income generation, and effective marketing, HA will enhance and translate yours or your organisation’s talent into real bottom line results. Through the discussion and introduction of new thoughts and effective management strategies, Humanitarian Affairs will spark your creativity and ensure your survival as a social enterprise.

To apply, please send us an Email at : secretariat@humanitarianaffairs.org.uk or though our Online Application Form.