Humanitarian Relief
Have you ever experienced that gnawing need within yourself? The urge to do more, to make a difference, and create a positive impact?

At times it is difficult to be silent, to stand by helplessly and watch disasters and catastrophes transpire in front of your eyes or feel powerless to positively contribute to the acute problems that affect humanity at large.

Would you like to take action and quench that burning need?
As an organisation with a mission to serve others and connect with communities in need, Humanitarian Affairs operates out of a commitment to assist those experiencing disadvantaged conditions, whether through relief missions in the city of Tacloban or educational programmes in Myanmar and Thailand.

When there is a major catastrophe in Asia, a continent highly prone to disasters, Humanitarian Affairs is on the ground providing relief, support and comfort with assistance from a team of driven young individuals.
In support of the Millennium Development Goal of eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, and providing universal primary education, Humanitarian Affairs seeks to work towards these two goals by promoting comprehensive educational programs in Asia.

The organisation works with enthusiastic and dedicated volunteers who serve and provide aid and implement its programs in the Asia Pacific region. Those who come to volunteer for H.A.’s relief programs are genuinely excited for the opportunity to utilise their skills and, more importantly, to gain the experience on how to help better the life of effected people and communities.
If you would like to make a difference to people’s lives, come join Humanitarian Affairs’ relief operations.

In a Gentle Way, You too can Shake the World”
Mahatma Gandhi