Graduate Placement
Graduates seeking jobs are aware that employers not only check their academic record to gauge their learning potential, but also their relevant work experience and appropriate skills. The Graduate Placement Programme allows the youth to acquire the experience and skills essential for acquiring a fulfilling career of their choice. With employers nowadays recognising the importance of on-the-job training, Humanitarian Affairs will nurture these youth into promising candidates for full-time positions.
Responsibilities of a Graduate Apprentice
  • Assuming a managerial position within the organisation that will provide training for the future
  • Adopting a position of authority while simultaneously being a supportive team player for co-workers
  • Demonstrating well-founded ideas and creativity in your work, and strong executive and administrative aptitude
Benefits of the Graduate Programme
  • Experiencing and engaging in the comprehensive, behind-the-scene insight on the organisation of large scale global events while partnering with foreign government bodies
  • Developing leadership and marketable job skills which are transferable to other jobs
  • Obtaining valuable hands-on work experience
  • Improving interpersonal abilities such as confidence, maturity and decision making
  • Developing references and professional contacts which may lead to future job offers
Who is Eligible?
  • Those who have recently completed a graduate degree program majoring in international relations, mass communication, English language and literature, business, social work, or similar degrees
  • Candidates who are open to testing personal aptitude and ability in relation to their career choice and job demands
Apprenticing at Humanitarian Affairs Asia is a one-of-a-kind experience. Besides your professional development, it is an opportunity to be a part of something that can help bring about lasting change in the world. We create experienced, forward thinking professionals who desire to make a difference, grow and inspire others, while driving innovative ideas and delivering concrete results.

Are You Ready to Truly become a Leader?
Submit your résumé with a recent photograph and a cover letter via email to secretariat@humanitarianaffairs.org or through our Online Application Form.