Emerging Leaders

As part of its mission, Humanitarian Affairs takes a singular interest in the cause of young people. It seeks to be a voice that supports and encourages leadership and action in the youth; to help in the discovery and nurturing of emerging leaders; and to engage them in meaningful ways for the creation of accomplished young people.

Are you ready to discover who you truly are ?

Through its Emerging Leaders Program, Humanitarian Affairs plans to fulfil its agenda of crafting young leaders while preparing these aspirants to make significant contributions to the world. The organisation puts the spotlight on exceptionally bright youth and advances their aptitude and abilities to meet future challenges.

The Emerging Leaders Program presents an avenue to those with leadership skills to develop their potential to the fullest. Humanitarian Affairs will provide aspiring leaders with the opportunity to plan, lead and execute international conferences and humanitarian operations in different parts of the world.

Are you prepared to test your skills and gain a wealth of experience ?

This rewarding opportunity is open to those youth who:
  • Have participated in H.A. programs
  • Are constantly seeking to expand their knowledge in different capacities
  • Seek the chance to interact with world leaders and network with like-minded peers from 45 nations
  • Can apply leadership skills and be sound decision makers
  • Are good communicators who display confidence and have the ability to inspire and delegate
If you wish to be an Emerging Leader, sign up for the program now through our Online Application Form. We look forward to playing a key role in shaping your personal and professional development, as we have done for countless young people of great promise since our initiation.