Campus Leader

Have you ever desired to be a leader amongst peers ?

Humanitarian Affairs offers you the chance to become a Campus Leader- someone who can inspire their fellow students and bear the responsibility of being fully committed to the organisation. They must possess exceptional leadership abilities, strong people skills, and be effective communicators who display desired qualities of innovativeness and positive thinking.

The responsibilities of a Campus Leader would include:
  • Recruitment of delegates for the USL Symposium and other HA programmes through student clubs and societies as well as over social media platforms
  • Leading a 12 person delegation at the Symposium
  • Publicising the symposium on their campus
In addition to gaining an invaluable leadership position, Campus Leaders are duly recognised for their contribution at the USL Symposium where they receive a certificate of commendation while assisting in the running of this large-scale global forum.

To apply, kindly send us your CV and a recent photograph to secretariat@humanitarianaffairs.org.uk or through our Online Application Form.