Asia Young Achiever
Ordinary  People, Extraordinary  Deeds

WHAT is it ?
Humanitarian Affairs Asia has created a platform that celebrates and appreciates innovation, excellence, entrepreneurship and leadership in outstanding youth. The Young Achiever Award recognises young people who have contributed to communities and impacted individual’s lives in Asia. The purpose of the Award is to acknowledge, encourage and, most importantly, promote the positive achievements of young people.

Every year one achiever will be selected, invited as a guest speaker to the University Scholars Leadership Symposium, and receive public honour and recognition.
WHY do we promote it ?
This award has been specially created by Humanitarian Affairs to honour those youths who make extraordinary contributions to humanitarian aid and development. The organisation wishes to reward youth for any small act of good they engage in and encourage their first steps towards continuing such noble work.

Humanitarian Affairs has launched its Young Achievers programme to put the spotlight on young initiators who have gone above and beyond to succeed in making a positive change.

The organisation is determined to invest in the young, creating a group of change makers who will lead the way forward into the future.
Are you or someone you know our Next Young Achiever ?
Asia Young Achievers are young people who are improving and helping communities through their service to others at a small or large scale. The projects can provide either a direct service, be philanthropic in nature, or raise awareness or support for a particular community in need. The humanitarian work or project should be in operation for a minimum of 18 months and ought to have impacted lives of disadvantaged individuals or societies.

The winning Young Achiever will have the organisation’s full support and will be rewarded for their efforts and commitment by being presented with the prize money of USD 3,000 to facilitate their altruistic project.
Currently we are looking for the Young Achiever of 2016. The nominations close in December 2015. You can choose to recommend yourself or others you feel are deserving of this praise and acclaim. The young person and their nominator will be notified upon being selected as a Young Achiever. In such cases, the nominee and their proposer are both invited to attend the Leadership Symposium in Social Change as our Special Guests.

We ask schools, organisations and individuals to nominate people aged 18 to 35 who are worthy of recognition in the Young Achiever Awards.

Our goal is to highlight positive role models who will serve as an inspiration to others. The award aims to champion, identify and celebrate the hard work and dedication of young people.

Send your nomination to secretariat@humanitarianaffairs.org.uk